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How Would Jamb 2018 Be Marked And Graded?

So many Candidates and Parents have been asking me questions as to how Jamb 2018 would be marked or scored since Jamb has reduced the number of questions to be answered in the examination.

Yes, it is absolutely true that Jamb has reduced the the number of questions to be answered in Jamb 2017. However, Jamb scores will still be marked over 100%. That’s to say that the total score for Jamb 2018 is 400 and highest you can get is 400/400. And the minimum you can score is X…. Find X.

For example, if you are required to answer 40 questions in Mathematics and you were good enough to score 40 over 40, then you have scored 100 in Mathematics. How? See how it will be marked below:

Total score Obtainable for the subject =40

Your score in the subject =40

Total percentage =100%

Therefore, your score will be multiplied by hundred and divided by 40. This gives you hundred.

Now you may be asking, what if I score 20 over 40? The grading remains the same. Jamb will multiply your score by 100 and divide it by 40. This will leave you with a score of 50%.

Does it apply to all Subjects? 

This calculation does not apply to Jamb use of English. Jamb English questions do no carry equal marks. Jamb comprehension passages usually carry more marks (Usually 3 marks each) than other questions.

That is to say, if there are five questions with 3 marks attached after each comprehension passages and Jamb decides to set two passages; then you will score 30 marks by answering only comprehension passages correctly. Other questions will then sum to 70 marks to complete 100 total marks.


  • One passages is five questions
  • Two passages equals 10 questions.
  • One question carries 3 marks.
  • 10 times 3 equals 30.

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